What’s an election worth? An analysis of rideshare support for California’s Proposition 22


This graph was inspired by a tweet by Hamilton Nolan.

Methodology: This compares the closing stock price of Lyft and Uber on Tuesday, November 3rd 2020 with the opening price on November 4th. It multiplies each price by the number of shares outstanding to get the market capitalization (market cap). According to The Washington Post, “text messages or in-app messages” count as non-monetary contributions. All 3 contribution types (loan, cash, and non-monetary) are included as “Contributions” in this graph. 1,000 million = 1 billion.

Note that stocks go up and down all the time. However, the overnight jump was widely attributed to Prop 22 passing. You can see the stocks here and make your own conclusion:

Other data from:

The raw code has more stuff and data to play with.